Monday, March 2, 2015

Gingham Style!

I've been in love with gingham print for quite some time. Recently, I've been looking online at pattern mixing/pattern blocking. It's like all of those color block outfits we've been seeing to much of, but instead of blocking colors you block the patterns. Like wearing stripes with polka dots or chevron and houndstooth together. The more I research this trend, the more I fall in love!! I decided that Beauty Bug and I needed some pattern blocking in our lives. I made us some black and white Gingham circle skirts, striped knit shirts, and little polka dot pin ons. I played it safe and stayed in the same color family. I knew we already had 3 different patterns going on, so I didn't want us to look too crazy by adding a lot of colors as well. The circle skirts are lightly pleated, and what I mean by that is, I only added one pleat to both skirts. I made the waists on both skirts just a little too big. the skirts have an invisible zipper enclosure on one side, and they both have a 2 inch waist band. The skirts are also made of wool. My top is made from a black and white stretch knit that I had at home and it's completely see through, so I had to double the fabric and still ended up wearing a black camisole under it. We loved our outfits yesterday! More pattern blocking is in our immediate future. :)

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